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My books, your books

Welcome to my world! With these stories, I hope to bring parents and kids together, spark interesting conversations and brighten your days with smiles. Happy reading!


There's Something in My Shoe

May 2024

Just imagine stumbling upon Blu in your shoe… Wait, who is Blu?!  

♥ A whimsical and unexpected story about finding joy in life’s quirks and the power of play. Brace yourself for smiles, heartwarming moments, and the occasional tarantula.


Anty Antics

Nov 2022

What would you say if The Cutest Ant Ever asked you for a tiny favor? How about a second one? Now a third!

♥ A funny cautionary tale that will kickstart a conversation about friendship, boundaries and goodwill. Perfect for ages 3+.


Cake o'clock

Jan 2022

When Bob finds out it’s Mom’s birthday, he drops everything to wow her with a cake. Or at least, that’s the plan.

♥ A sweet rhyming story dedicated to all the daydreamers out there, ages 2 and up.

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