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I love a good story.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Whether it’s a story about a faraway kingdom, quirky aliens or the downstairs neighbor, whether it’s on TV, on someone’s feed or scribbled on a toilet’s wall, whether it’s made up in a children’s book or heard in the tram, if it’s good, I’m hooked. I see stories everywhere and find it thrilling to discover the authentic characters, surprising plots, and fascinating details behind them.

It all started a long time ago. My poor grandma would fall asleep telling me stories. Me?! I wouldn't blink. Fast forward 20 years later, I have a BA in Film and Media and work as a Video Editor. For years I had fun exploring the art of visual storytelling and experimenting with narrative structures, rhythm and different styles. But it was the moment I became a mom when my love for stories skyrocketed. 

Inflatable Balloons


I'll be honest, motherhood hit me hard. But it gave me the chance to play more and let my imagination run wild. I also learned mind-blowing things about early childhood development, re-evaluated my beliefs and experienced more emotions than I thought was possible in a lifetime. These were some busy early years, filled with love and tears, with screams of excitement and meltdowns, with hope and exhaustion. And stories always followed along: to explain and enrich our world, lighten the mood, or simply spice up the boring moments. 

Write. Spread joy. 

I'd like to share some of these stories with you and hopefully, spread kindness and respect, improve emotional awareness, foster connection and bring smiles on our little ones’ faces. This is my purpose. And it's quite a rewarding one. Because there is nothing I love more than surprising kids with ridiculous ideas and making them laugh and jump for joy.*

*Full disclosure, I might love chocolate more, but shhh, don't read it out loud!

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