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Anty Antics

Meet Lottie, a little girl with a big heart. When The Cutest Ant Ever asks her for a tiny favor she drops everything to help her. No wonder! But the ant’s demands keep growing and Lottie soon finds herself on quite a slippery slope. Oops.

♥ A funny cautionary tale that will foster empathy in kids and kickstart a conversation about true friendship, boundaries and goodwill. Perfect for ages 3+.

Available to order now, after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Anty Antics is a funny cautionary tale dedicated to all the kind souls out there. A story about boundaries, meant to help kids shift perspectives and become more empathetic. 

Illustrated by Anastasiia Bielik, a gem of an artist, who put magic and color on every single page.

To enrich the reading experience and boost children's creativity, we also made an activity book and some cute crochet toys, perfect for cuddles and wondrous play. Check them out!

Views and reviews

The way I see it, there are no good or bad characters. Kids will probably fall in love with the ant because just like them, she's adorable, strong-willed and very persistent. And, that's great! These are the skills that will help our little ones move mountains tomorrow. But my hope is that Anty Antics will also show them how it feels to be on the other side. Or maybe they're already in Lottie's shoes. In this case, the story will make it clear why saying 'No' is important and how to tell if someone is being a true friend.

Alexandra (the author)



The hardcover book is available on Barnes&Noble, Target and Walmart. For a paperback copy, visit your local Amazon: US, UK, DE, CA, AU.


Saving space? Get ”Anty Antics” in digital format and read it right away on your Amazon Kindle, Fire tablet or Kindle mobile app. Happy reading!


Hello, neighbour! You can always drop me a line and order a high-quality copy and the toys straight from me. I'll send them to you, zappity-zip, via SwissPost.

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