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for kids 6-12 years old

 Creative Classes: Yay!

Let’s celebrate the power of imagination! In my classes, we’ll open our minds and better understand ourselves. We’ll read, laugh, and debate. We’ll use creative thinking, problem solving, and logical skills to craft original stories and wacky animation films. Join in the fun — it’s going to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


Creative Storytelling

Children will discover their inner voice and explore the "rules of storytelling" in an engaging way. Characters, setting, conflicts - we'll discuss them all. And more. Knowing the basics is the first step to breaking the rules afterward, so I highly recommend that all children start with this fun course.

6 weeks | ages 6+


Stop-Motion Animation

Get ready for some stop-motion animation magic! We’ll cover many cool topics, from animation techniques to the importance of editing, sound, and good lighting. But most importantly, imagination and confidence will soar, and kids will be amazed by what they can create. 

6 weeks | ages 7+


NEW: Feelings Tour

In this fun-filled classes, we explore the link between creativity and emotions. Through storytelling and games, kids will dive into their amazing inner worlds, learning to understand and express their feelings better while boosting their empathy, adaptability, and problem-solving skills.

4 weeks | ages 6+


Good vibes only

I believe that true connection is the key to learning, so we'll be meeting in small groups. I rely on empathy and a good dose of silliness to keep the mood fun, and to make sure that every kiddo feels comfortable, heard, and fully supported throughout their journey. 



Come for a trial class, it's free of charge. After that, each class costs CHF 40 (12.5% discount for siblings, friends, club members).


The classes take place weekly, on Friday afternoons, at Coding a Story: Tödistrasse 48, 8002 Zürich 


We learn through play in small groups of 4-6 children. Reserve a spot for your kiddo now and let the fun begin.


Fill out the form below and I'll get in touch with you very soon!

Thanks for your interest!

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