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exciting things are about to happen

frogs in mugs

All the zany ideas that make kids laugh and prepare them for the even zanier "World of Tomorrow" have found a place to call home. It’s an app for families to enjoy together, it’s called Frogs in Mugs and it’s in the works, croaking its way to reality.

Creative Thinking

Communication Skills



skills made fun

The future may be unpredictable, but one things clear: for our kiddos to thrive, they need to be creative and ready for anything.


On Frogs in Mugs, youll find all sorts of goodies to help them conquer the world, the attic, another planet, or whatever floats their boat. Plus, youre in for a good dose of giggles along the way!


Let's face it, no app can work wonders without you. In the eyes of your little ones, you are the ultimate heroes. Think about this: a whopping 75% of the time we spend with our kiddos occurs before they turn 12. This makes every moment invaluable. Let's join forces and fill these precious years with exciting talks, belly laughs, and shared discoveries.



Every day, youll receive age-appropriate challenges to chat about and bond with your munchkin. We get that life can be crazy busy, so were all about keeping it simple and fun.


Let us know what you dont like and well refine the content to match your familys style. We believe in listening to kids, so if theyre not asking for more, were all ears and ready to adapt.


Keep it up daily and witness your child pick up new skills and your relationship blossom. Exploring new ideas should never lose its spark and were so excited to prove it.

Jump in early!

Calling all families with kids aged 5-10! Be one of the first 100 to try Frogs in Mugs. Join our launch list, and stay tuned for some fun surprises.

Thaaanks, talk to you soon!

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